Internet connection is frequently disconnecting on Toshiba Laptop?

If you are experiencing issues with the Internet on your Toshiba laptop, where it is connecting and disconnecting again and again, It is really a matter of great frustration if your internet disconnects every now and then especially when you are to use your browser every few minutes. Moreover, if the issue is not fixed and allowed to continue it can also lead to system errors and ultimately result in windows running slow and even crashing.

Causes of Frequent disconnection-

Experiencing the frequent disconnection problem is quit common for these days. It could be on laptop, smart phone or any other device. You may get connected with your computer for few seconds and then you will disconnected automatically on your device.

  • Cable connection or router /DSL Modem problem-
  • Network Card problem
  • Internet Connection problem
  • Wireless security issue

How to Fix frequent internet disconnection problem?

  • Check the router or DSL modem settings- before you go for advance steps, you should make sure about router and computer settings. so you need to check the router firmware update and internet settings.
    Note - If your router’s/ modem’s firmware is not updated, you should not wait for anything simply update the router firmware.
  • Cable connection – this problem could because of cable connection also. May be your cables are not able to carry static signal. That is why you are having such kind of problem with the computer.
  • Check network adapters –If you are having slow performance problem on your Toshiba computer only and your other devices are working fine. Then it be problem with network card driver. So you should go ahead and update the driver on your computer. for updating the driver you may follow such kind of options.
    • Open the device management window. (you can open it by right click on my computer and go to manage or type ‘devmgmt.msc’ command on the run box and hit ok).
    • Click on the network adapter and look at their you will able to see your wifi driver.
    • Now you need to select your wifi driver and right click on it. After that you need to click on update driver and select search automatically for update option.
    • Finally It will search for update. It may take a while. Once it will find any update then it will update it.
      Note - while you are updating your wifi adapter you should be connected to the wifi. Then only it will help you.
  • Reseat your network card – if you are using external wifi adapter. Then you should try to reseat it with other port. May be your computer would not able to read the card properly. that is why you are having this kind of problem with your computer.
  • Change wifi security authentication mode- if you have quantum atheros network adapter then you should try to change your wifi authentication protocol. Simply try to make it WEP and try to connect your laptop.

Note- before you perform all kind options, you should make sure this is a problem with the computer or router and other device. So If you have another computer, Smartphone, or tablet that can connect to the same Internet connection, use it to test if you have a connection issue or a computer issue.


Thanks for sharing the solution. it works on my laptop. i was having sound problem on Windows laptop. I just updated the driver and it has start working fine.

Knith. R. loyd

I am just confused about how to get a new sound driver. so could you please share some information about this in brief. so that I can fix my problem.

Edy fishman

Very professional organization that took those extra steps to ensure that our job was finished to our complete satisfaction. I cannot recommend them more highly.

Linda s.